How Women Manipulate Men

How Women Manipulate Men

How Women Manipulate Men

In the past, a woman was considered as a weak gender that had to be at home and obey all the decisions of elders in family. She had to follow many traditions and rules like waking up early, cooking food, covering her face in front of other men, keeping fast on selected days of the month and so on. However, these days, woman is taking an active part in the family, society, business and even politics.

Today, they are not perceived as a weaker sex but as an essential part of the family and who have good skills to support the family and society. Woman must be treated with due respect and dignity. They are an important part of our life without whom the life becomes impossible.

I think the idea of treating women itself is wrong and male chauvinist. We are here to live the life with each other and to support each other. We have no rights to determine code of treatment for the other sex.

Crime against woman is reducing up to a great extent. These days we do not see many cases of harassment, dowry, exploitation, violence etc as women are strengthening their position in the society. The education levels are raising throughout the world and government are also introducing stringent laws to protect women in the society.

All these factors have contributed to the reduction of crime against women. There should be strict laws for all types of criminal activities against women. Those who are found guilty should be punished severely to set an example for others. In addition, the government should hire females as police officers so that they can better understand the problems of women in the society.

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Man should also equally participate in household

Men ought to participate in the household work also. Participating in the household tasks always keeps men aware about their duties towards their house. In addition, such assistance promotes cooperation, teamwork and warmth for each other in the family. However, this involvement can be adjusted by mutual understanding between the husband and the wife.

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