Why It’s Important To Keep The Air In Your House Clean And How To Do It

Why It’s Important To Keep The Air In Your House Clean And How To Do It

While we are all aware that outdoor polluted air is a significant concern, unclean indoor air has even more serious impacts on our health.

Several factors can be blamed for indoor air pollution such as a build-up of dust, dirt, mold, humidity, and other allergens.

This article will clarify how crucial it is to keep the air pure whether at home or in your office and will provide affordable tips on how to practically address unclean air.

Why Is Air Quality Crucial?

Indoor air circulation can have a huge impact on people’s health and safety. Thus, recognizing the importance of this is a critical step.

Chemical gases, toxic fumes such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide that come from materials that fuel-burning appliances such as gas stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces, and space heaters, particles of dust, mold spores, pollen, etc. are common pollutants that can cause headaches, eye irritation, fatigue, and respiratory allergies.

Even more hazardous health problems such as some types of cancers and other serious health complications can be triggered by other dangerous pollutants like secondhand smoke and radon from improperly sealed openings and cracks.

Moreover, since the HVAC unit will have to overwork to keep your indoors comfortable, unclean indoor air could lead to a surge in your energy bills.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

1.    Practice Germ-free Habits

Wrongly disposed garbage massively affects the quality of your indoor air and also spreads germs. Specifically, certain decaying and rotting food products tend to produce molds and other pollutants that are harmful to the air that we breathe. So, avoid those grosses by removing trash appropriately from your house after cleaning up.

Another recommendation to consider is air purifier tools. Suppose you are an officer and frequently make a move from home to workplace, plug in option is a good idea thanks to its small size, thus convenient to bring along wherever you go. Decent plug-in air purifiers can do a great job of eliminating airborne germs and odors. Take time to opt for the right one and filter your air.

Removing your shoes is also a significant point as vast amounts of toxins like animal dander, pollen, feces, or harmful chemicals attach to the shoes as we walk around. Therefore, leave your shoes on a small shelf at the front gate before stepping into your sweet home.

Cleaning your house daily with a vacuum can easily remove dust that descends on floors and surfaces. Many vacuum cleaners are available in different models and prices. Choose the most efficient one and keep your room clean and germ-free.

Why It’s Important To Keep The Air In Your House Clean And How To Do It

2.    Control The Humidity

High humidity levels cause excessive dampness and moisture buildup in indoor spaces which facilitate the growth of mildew, dust mites, and molds. As a result, the quality of the air in your house is greatly affected.

Exposure to molds and dampness can lead to adverse health. Allergic reactions and respiratory symptoms include a runny nose, skin conditions, eye conditions, asthma.

Moreover, dampness can harm your property and delicate possessions like crucial documents. Fortunately, there are several ways you can try to keep indoor air moisture levels under control. Some of these include:

  • Track the humidity levels
  • Invest in a dehumidifier: other than controlling moisture in the air, some dehumidifiers can also eliminate allergens such as molds and dust mites, leaving you with clean and healthy air.
  • Repair water leaks if any
  • Clean the gutters frequently
  • Utilize the ventilation fans

3.    Ventilate

The simplest yet effective way to keep your indoor air circulation clean and fresh is possibly ventilating your house. It is emphasized by experts that your house needs a stream of fresh air at least once a day. Thus, open all the windows for at least 10 to 20 minutes every day early in the morning, during summer evenings, or after a rainfall.

This simple action is especially needed when you add a new coat of paint or bring a new piece of wood furniture.

This habit is an excellent start to reduce the concentrations of carbon dioxide as well as other toxic chemicals. This also helps purify your indoor air as well as leaves your house with pleasant fragrances.

Why It's Important To Keep The Air In Your House Clean And How To Do It

4.    Avoid Toxic Products

Most cleaning and cosmetic products are chemical-based. The Volatile Organic Compounds in these products may interfere with the levels of air purity in your house.

However, it is avoidable by using organic and natural alternatives. Also, ensure your windows are wide open or use exhaust fans to vent out all the harmful emissions while using these cleaning products.

Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals such as carcinogens that can affect the health of the smoker and those who passively inhale the smoke. Hence, indoor smoking is another thing to minimize or even quit to keep the indoor air fresh and clean.

Expert Help

Provided after trying out all the steps, your indoor air circulation still seems wrong, it’s time to consider having your indoor air tested by an expert.

The air in your home is crucial. So keep it clean to achieve a safer and comfortable indoor space and better overall health.

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