Valley business finding success creating rest and relaxation

Valley business finding success creating rest and relaxation

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Building a business based on rest and relaxation takes a lot of hard work. In this week’s Nevada Built, 13 Action News anchor Todd Quinones takes us to North Las Vegas, where bubbles mean business is booming.

We are here at Artesian Spas, where they’re cranking out up to 120 spas a day. Darlene Ruiz is the Product Manager.


“We actually design, build and ship all of our products worldwide, expanding in over 60 countries,” says Ruiz. “No kidding. Right here from Las Vegas,” says Todd. “Right here from Las Vegas,” says Ruiz.

First the mold is formed from a superheated acrylic sheet.

“Yeah, you could feel that heat. Yeah, you can,” says Todd.

Then the hot tubs go through an assembly line of sorts. Fiberglass is sprayed on, before the electric and plumbing get installed.

“Wherever you see the jets, we have those recesses and that’s where we will drill the holes and then put our jets in to,” says Ruiz.

Finally before they’re shipped out, one last hurdle.


“Before these spas leave the facility, they’ve got to be tested out to make sure, A. They don’t leak. And B. Obviously this example, all the jets are running and it’s running as it should,” says Todd. “Yep, this is a huge quality control check point. So we test everything, the jets, the controls, we double check everything,” says Ruiz.

Artesian Spas employs more than 400 people, who keep this 100,000 square foot production facility near Lamb and Craig running 18 to 20 hours a day.

“Truly a Nevada Built product that we’re looking at here,” says Todd. “It’s a privilege to be in Las Vegas,” says CEO, Richard Gallagher.

Their made in America mantra also means supply chain issues elsewhere, aren’t a problem here.

“There’s incredible risk in the supply chain now. And so businesses across the country are having to rethink decisions that they made. And it’s great to be manufacturing these in America,” says Gallagher.

So, when the pandemic hit, keeping people at home and the desire for home improvement went through the roof, Artesian Spas was ready for the influx of orders that came.


“Obviously, every spa probably has its own bells and whistles. But retail, what does something like this cost that we’re looking at here?” asks Todd. “This spa could retail for depending upon how it’s optioned out, anywhere between 15 and $25,000. We have some less expensive models. We also have our exercise pools, our swim spas that can go for as much as $50,000,” says Gallagher.

As Gallagher points out, that is a lot less than a pool, and a lot less maintenance.

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