The Best Furniture Brands to Upgrade Your Home’s Decor in 2021

The Best Furniture Brands to Upgrade Your Home’s Decor in 2021

The Best Furniture Brands to Upgrade Your Home’s Decor in 2021


Furniture helps define our decor style and shape the look of our home. Luckily, there’s a wide range of furniture brands to suit every design style, from timeless and traditional to clean and modern. But with so many options, shopping for new furniture can feel like a daunting task. Quality, functionality, and durability are just as important as aesthetics, adding even more considerations to the mix. To help streamline your search, just ahead are the best furniture brands to consider when upgrading your furniture.

While design trends may come and go, quality never goes out of style. The following best furniture brands have been creating stylish and timeless luxury furniture pieces for decades, making them excellent contenders for furnishing your new living space.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Lexington


Known for: Lexington Home Brands is an experienced player in designing, sourcing, and manufacturing upscale furnishings for both indoor and outdoor living spaces.
Editors’ Choice: A tufted bed is a luxurious addition to any bedroom, and the Oyster Bay Tufted Standard Bed (available at Wayfair) is an elegant pick. Blending the traditional look of an upholstered headboard with relaxed taupe shades, this bed frame embodies the understated but sophisticated Lexington style.

Lexington Home Brands boasts over a century of furniture design, sourcing, and manufacturing under its belt. The American company began in the early 1900s and still maintains its headquarters in High Point, North Carolina, distributing products across the U.S. and the globe. Lexington Home Brands is among the best furniture brands worldwide for stylish but timeless upscale furnishings.

Under Lexington Home Brands are six distinctive brands with their own unique aesthetic. These brands include Lexington, Tommy Bahama Home, Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living, Artistica Home, Barclay Butera, and Sligh. Lexington is the primary namesake brand. A range of styles can be found under the brand, from formal designs to casual pieces. But with a focus on luxury living, an air of elegance runs through each piece of Lexington furniture.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Hooker


Known for: With almost a century of experience in an ever-changing furniture market, Hooker Furniture continues to create beautiful furniture pieces for timeless and modern tastes.
Editors’ Choice: Made of solid wood with an elegant swooped design and intricate handle, the Sanctuary Lighted Display Stand (available at Wayfair) demonstrates a commitment to craftsmanship and eye-catching details.

Founded in 1924, Hooker Furniture is another brand with enduring experience in making and importing furniture. Based in North Carolina and Virginia, the company focuses on distributing beautiful and well-made pieces.

Hooker Furniture creates dining, bedroom, living room, home office, and accent furniture distinguished by functionality and craftsmanship. Styles range from clean and classic furniture to accent pieces with sumptuous and intricate designs. By constantly creating, updating, and importing new styles, the company maintains a large catalog of furniture to suit many homes. From timeless pieces with a traditional look to eclectic designs with a modern spin, Hooker Furniture aims to inspire livable elegance in indoor living spaces.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Bernhardt


Known for: High-quality craftsmanship, simple and elegant designs, and a range of traditional and modern takes on furniture keep Bernhardt Furniture Company a strong influence in the furniture industry.
Editors’ Choice: The Criteria Solid Wood Dining Set (available at Wayfair) is made from solid wood and features a simple but sophisticated design to add soft elegance to home decor.

As another company with a long legacy, Bernhardt Furniture Company has supplied Americans with high-quality furniture for well over a century. Established in 1889 by John Mathias Bernhardt in North Carolina, it is one of the largest family-owned furniture companies in the U.S. Although now selling to 51 countries around the world, Bernhardt Furniture Company still houses its headquarters and a host of manufacturing facilities in North Carolina.

With the fourth generation of Bernhardt family members at the helm today, the company aims to continue its legacy of perseverance and skilled craftsmanship. Each piece strives to encompass a classic simplicity along with stellar quality. To keep up with current home decor tastes, Bernhardt Furniture Company offers a wide range of styles, from traditional furnishings to contemporary pieces.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Liberty


Known for: Liberty Furniture Industries prides itself on providing high-quality furniture in attractive, on-trend designs.
Editors’ Choice: The Creations II Sawhorse Bar & Counter Stool (available at Wayfair) features a contemporary design in a natural wood finish that fits today’s trends while also maintaining a timeless look.

Founded in 1992, Liberty Furniture Industries is a relatively new brand, which is reflected in its furniture designs. The company carries a wide variety of furniture in both traditional and trendier styles, such as farmhouse, coastal, rustic, urban, and contemporary. Its mission is to provide quality furniture with an on-trend look to suit a variety of budgets and design styles.

Liberty Furniture Industries offers high-quality and beautiful furniture for a midrange price, appealing to the average homeowner looking to upgrade their decor. With Liberty’s focus on originality, many of their pieces offer an elegant feel that sets them apart from budget trendy furniture brands.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Universal


Known for: Universal Furniture is an excellent brand for shoppers looking for on-trend furniture that won’t break the bank.
Editors’ Choice: The Gibson 76” Console Table (available at Wayfair) boasts a trendy midcentury modern silhouette popular today, and with dark wood and brass finishes, the piece is sure to maintain its appeal through the years.

Universal Furniture carries a wide array of furniture that pays mind to current trends but is crafted with an enduring appeal. Based in Asia, the company aims to offer stylish furniture at an affordable price. This furniture is designed to last and crafted to be on-trend but not entirely fad-focused.

The Universal Furniture catalog features both classic designs and up-to-date styles. Each collection includes pieces for every decor style: Classy tufted upholstered couches, sleek midcentury modern bar stools, and airy coastal dining sets are all part of the repertoire. Universal Furniture sometimes partners with celebrities to create unique collections. These collaborative, one-of-a-kind pieces add personality to home decor.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Coaster Company Furniture


Known for: Coaster Fine Furniture aims to create gorgeous and livable spaces with affordable but quality furniture.
Editors’ Choice: The Coaster Sandy Beach Queen Bed (available at Overstock) is an attractive and functional choice that is also affordable, making it easy to create a stylish bedroom.

Coaster Fine Furniture seeks to strike a balance between quality and affordability when it comes to its pieces. The designs focus on creating beautiful, livable spaces with options for different lifestyles and budgets. As a leading furniture importer and distributor, the company’s goal is to carry furniture for every person at every stage of life.

Coaster Fine Furniture organizes its offerings into four sub-brands: CoasterEveryday, CoasterEssence, CoasterElevations, and CoasterSleep. Each brand focuses on a different core value. For example, CoasterEveryday marries form and function into quality furniture designs, while CoasterElevations emphasizes premium designs and materials to create casual but luxurious rooms.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Klaussner


Known for: Klaussner Home Furnishings is a top pick for those looking for affordable furniture; by using material blends and a mass production format, it offers attractive furniture that won’t break the bank.
Editors’ Choice: Klaussner Home Furnishings carries a range of comfortable furniture pieces, such as its classic 84” Rolled Arm Sofa (available at Wayfair), which is an excellent pick for a cozy living room.

Since 1963, Klaussner Home Furnishings has provided affordable furniture products to its customers. With a value-driven model, the company strives to produce high-quality and stylish furniture without the high price tag. Klaussner Home Furnishings uses a range of materials and a mass production format to create budget-friendly but durable products. Over 70 percent of its products are manufactured domestically in North Carolina, where the headquarters is based.

The Klaussner Home Furnishings umbrella also features several sub-brands, including Klaussner Outdoor, Enso Sleep Systems, Comfort Design, and Trisha Yearwood Home Collection. The company offers a wide range of products across these brands to bring affordable furnishings to the average homeowner.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Kincaid


Known for: Kincaid Furniture Company prides itself on manufacturing stunning solid wood furniture pieces that are built to last.
Editors’ Choice: The Kincaid Eastern King Poster Bed (available at Living Spaces) brings the charm of old-style solid wood furniture into the present.

Kincaid Furniture Company is another family-owned furniture brand on the list. Established in 1946 and based in North Carolina, the company has a philosophy to create beautiful wood furniture in its most natural form—solid wood.

Not only does Kincaid Furniture Company use solid wood, but it also focuses on building and design details that provide value to customers. The company aims to make furniture that lasts for generations, with time-tested materials and joinery techniques. For shoppers with a vision in mind, Kincaid Furniture Company also offers customizable furniture options, allowing customers to select certain attributes of their furniture piece.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Magnussen Home


Known for: Magnussen Home creates high-end and stylish furnishings, incorporating quality materials to produce enduring furniture pieces.
Editors’ Choice: The Beaufort Solid Wood Coffee Table (available at Wayfair) combines solid polished wood and sleek glass in a unique boat-inspired design that showcases Magnussen Home’s creative spirit.

Magnussen Home delivers stylish furnishings designed for real life. This forward-thinking brand has been crafting quality furniture for over 80 years. The company’s goal is to offer unbeatable value and high-end quality in a variety of decor styles, including modern, traditional, and casual.

Many pieces from Magnussen Home combine functionality with a stylish flair, using a wide range of materials, such as solid wood, sleek metals, and glass. Known for its hardwood bedroom and dining room sets, Magnussen Home creates beautiful furniture made for everyday use, from elegant bedroom sets to single-piece occasional side tables and more.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Woodbridge Furniture


Known for: Drawing inspiration from traditional furniture styles, Woodbridge Furniture brings classic silhouettes and timeless designs to the modern market.
Editors’ Choice: Made from solid wood, the Flip Top Storage Bench (available at Wayfair) features a natural finish and an elegant Italian Baroque silhouette.

Woodbridge Furniture specializes in high-end furnishings, offering case goods, dining, and occasional furniture to consumers. From its inception in 2003, the company has focused on combining beautiful high-quality veneers and finishes with durable construction. As a major player in the luxury furniture market, it creates beautiful collections that offer a traditional look and timeless quality.

Based in North Carolina, Woodbridge Furniture joins many of the best furniture brands in its goal to bring stunning furnishings to bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms nationwide. By introducing an enduring heirloom flair to many of its pieces, Woodbridge Furniture brings a traditional highlight into contemporary living spaces.

The Best Furniture Brands Option: Bassett


Known for: Bassett Furniture Industries carries a wide range of furniture styles for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and outdoor spaces—and almost every piece is crafted by hand.
Editors’ Choice: Made in the USA using solid red leaf maple, the Midtown Maple Panel Bed (available at Bassett) displays a commitment to hand-crafted quality.

Bassett Furniture Industries is another long-standing brand in the furniture industry. Its history dates back to 1902, with some of the first furniture pieces being simple oak dressers. Over a century later, the company now operates over 100 dedicated retail stores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

To keep up with a constantly shifting market, Bassett Furniture Industries is passionate about creating stylish and innovative home furnishings at a reasonable price. It offers a variety of furniture styles, so customers can find the furnishings of their dreams. With production facilities in Virginia and North Carolina, most Bassett products are assembled, crafted, finished, and tailored in the USA.

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