Target Is Having a Major Home Sale (and Its Best-Selling Furniture Is Included)

Target Is Having a Major Home Sale (and Its Best-Selling Furniture Is Included)

Target Is Having a Major Home Sale (and Its Best-Selling Furniture Is Included)

Some may blast Target’s décor as “cheugy,” but to that we say, have you seen the Threshold and Studio McGee collaboration? Or Hilton Carter’s line of so-realistic-you-might-water-them faux plants? If you know what to shop for (step away from the ‘gather’ signs!), Target’s furniture and accessories collection can be an affordable way to seriously upgrade your space. And, thanks to a surprise home sale, it’s even more so. We’ve scoured the deals to bring you the best pieces to consider adding to your cart.

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With its skinny wooden legs and chocolate brown faux leather cushions, this accent chair looks like it costs twice as much as its retail price. And right now, it’s $50 off.

BUY IT ($250; $200)

Every room can benefit from something sculptural to soften the hard angles of all those tables, shelves and chairs. This end table fits the bill—and gives you a place to set your drink while you binge Netflix.

BUY IT ($110; $88)

The geometric, blue-and-white design adds a chic touch to the classic Keurig machine, but our favorite feature, hands down, is the fact that it’s only five inches wide, freeing up precious counter space.

BUY IT ($99; $69)

Need a workspace that won’t take over your whole room? This is it. Costway’s wall-mounted folding desk has two adjustable shelves to store your essentials, and when it’s not in use, it collapses right into the wall. (Pro tip: Cover the cabinet door with wallpaper, so it looks like a framed piece of art.)

BUY IT ($300; $113)

OK, maybe you can’t swing a full-blown gazebo this year, let alone a full-blown tropical vacation, but now, you can bring those vibes to your own backyard with a single chair. The bamboo-like finish! The tasseled canopy! All that’s missing is a tiki drink to go with it.

BUY IT ($375; $317)

Path lights are an easy way to boost your curb appeal at night, and these solar-powered ones couldn’t be simpler to set up. (No cables to run—or drain on your electricity!)

BUY IT ($8; $7)

One easy way to instantly brighten a room: Hang a mirror behind your table lamps on each side of your bed. This set of round mirrors makes it easy to achieve.

BUY IT ($162; $129)

If your dog sheds so much it’s a wonder he has any fur at all, you need this vac. It picks up pet hair, trapping it in a separate compartment for easy removal, and it also mops and scrubs your floors.

BUY IT ($300; $270)

Keep your next party mosquito-free without resorting to a haze of bug spray. No one will believe these chic ceramic candles are actually infused with citronella.

BUY IT ($12; $10)

Maybe a boho canopy chair isn’t your aesthetic. If your tastes skew a little more traditional, scoop up a set of these gray, fade-resistant Adirondack chairs. Yes, they’re plastic (hence the low, low price), but they have a whopping 96 percent “would recommend” rating and a built-in holster for your drink, cell phone, keys and sunglasses. That’s what we call peak lounging.

BUY IT ($22; $19)

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