10 Budget-Friendly Furniture Pieces That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Space

You know you’re an adult when you realize just how much it costs to furnish a house (or even an apartment!). It’s certainly not cheap to deck out your home with stylish yet functional furniture, so we can’t blame you for opting for the sparse do-I-even-live-here? look. Still, now’s as good a time as any

July Fourth Party Tips for New Homebuyers Who Have Space to Entertain

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many homebuyers prioritizing square footage and outdoor space like never before. Some folks left the tight confines of the city for wide-open floor plans, while others refused to even look at a house that didn’t have an expansive backyard. More space means more room to entertain, and if you’re a new

9 Minimalistic Furniture Pieces to Refresh Your Space This Summer

Houstonians are used to summer’s daunting humidity, but this early-in-the-season, oppressive heat is making us want turn our backs to the outside world and make our own summertime magic at home. But after more than a year at home with our mismatched clutter of quarantine projects, it’s time for an interior-design update.

Luxury Home Decor and Furniture to Spruce Up Your Space

Gilded accents evoking mid-century opulence and retro-era home decor decadence are making a comeback to spice up cocktail hour at home. Home’Society Mir[age] Cabinet An alcohol cabinet transforms into an artwork – like this Home’Society Mir[age] Cabinet, which is the dramatic culmination of various colours, textures, materials and techniques. Only 10 units of this handcrafted

3 friends plan to open downtown Lexington store in former Noble space

The former home and garden store Noble in downtown Lexington is getting new life as three friends work to open a high-end refurbished furniture and home goods store in the space. Business partners Jessica Faber and Amber Cleaver of Port Huron and Sue Armstrong of Fort Gratiot Township are planning to open Co. Home Furnishings on May 28 at 7247 Huron

Remember entertaining? Here’s how to prepare your outdoor space for visitors again

Creative director of Ashen & Cloud and award-winning interior architect Susan McGowan says that maximising our outdoor space is crucial when it comes to getting ready for summer. She advocates zoning spaces, just as you would your interior, considering the sun orientation and how you would like to use the space. “If you have a

5 Gardening Tips to Create a Beautiful Space and a Healthy Mind

Adobe Stock/David Prahl Here are five ways to boost your home’s curb appeal—and your own well-being—this spring with gorgeous flowers, garden sculptures and beautiful bird nests. If you’re feeling restless after the long winter, turning your attention to your yard is the perfect way to keep your hands busy and your mind moving. And gardening