PP&L is sharing energy saving tips to save money on air conditioning costs this summer | News

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — Temperatures are heating up in eastern Pennsylvania. While we all welcome fun in the sun, sometimes you just need to get inside the air conditioning and chill out. Air-conditioning costs account for 12% of total home energy expenses, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, so taking some simple energy efficiency steps can really pay off.   Follow these energy

Live Furnish Saves Home Furnishing and Textile Companies up to 70% on Product Prototyping and Imagery Costs

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about 3D visualization in the home furnishings industry. As much talk as there is about augmented reality and its future importance, taking a different approach to how 3D content should be used in your brand visualization can give you a serious market advantage. Thinking differently, Live Furnish did just that

Potential Costs of Home-Selling and Tips To Maximize Profit | Sponsored

Selling a house comes with a number of expenses that could be surprisingly hefty if you don’t pay much attention to them. Unfortunately, it’s one of the major problems faced by many sellers. Because they often get overly ecstatic about the money they’re going to make, they overlook the costs associated with home-selling.  If you