Surprising reasons to decorate your home with houseplants | Advice

Surprising reasons to decorate your home with houseplants | Advice

There’s something warm and inviting about a well-placed, thriving houseplant.

Experts call this “interior landscaping,” and it’s becoming increasingly popular, not only in homes but in offices and other commercial settings. I would have assumed that’s because houseplants can be quite inexpensive. But now, we’re learning that houseplants offer surprising physical and mental benefits as well.

No. 1: Clean indoor air. A number of studies reported by NASA give conclusive evidence that plants are excellent at removing toxins from the air — over 80% of volatile organic compounds every 24 hours.

VOCs are chemical compounds often found in common household items such as carpets, toys, paint and more. These VOCs can evaporate and compromise air quality, posing health risks to inhabitants. One large plant — or two smaller plants — per 100 square feet is recommended for noticeably improved air quality.

No. 2: Regulate temperature and humidity. It’s pretty well known that planting shade trees and tall plants around our homes is a great way to control the temperature inside during hot months. But that can take years.

Who knew that decorating with indoor houseplants can actually help regulate the temperature and humidity in much the same way? Plants release moisture into the air, which can help to both cool and warm a room, depending on the temperature.

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