Save big on home appliances, cookware and more today

Save big on home appliances, cookware and more today

Save big on home appliances, cookware and more today

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There are so many things we need to get done every day, from cooking to cleaning or just getting a good shave. But if you’re looking to get more done around the house and save money in the process, Amazon has deals on top-rated products to get your daily to-do list done better.

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If you need to cut some time out of your morning routine while also cutting some hair off of your face, the Panasonic Arc4 can touch up your facial fuzz at a 20% discount. If you’re exhausted from the day’s workload and just can’t wheel out a big vacuum to track down the dust in your floors, our favorite value Roomba, the iRobot i3+, is on sale for $50.99 off. There’s a lot more to be done and plenty more deals to comb through, so here are five of the best price cuts we found on top-rated products. 

1. Save $50: Our favorite value Roomba

iRobot's Roomba i3+ is one of our favorite Roombas for being able to self-empty collected dirt collected with its powerful suction.

Cleaning the house is a necessity, but it’s not the most fun chore to complete. There is a way to check off one part of housecleaning without lifting a finger: the iRobot Roomba i3+, now available for $549.99. Normally listed at $599.99, Amazon is selling the robot vacuum with a dirt disposal tower at a $50.99 discount. The i3+ is our pick for the best value Roomba for its self-emptying function into the accompanying tower and its suction power. We found it sucked up an average of 11 grams of dirt per run, matching its more expensive brethren, the iRobot Roomba i7+ ($799.99) while having a cleaner design than said i7+.

Get the iRobot Roomba i3+ Robot Vacuum for $549.99 (Save $50.99)

2. Less than $200: Our favorite wireless earbuds

The Jabra Elite 85t offer the best features, usability and controls no matter which phone or music player you've got.

It might be a bit hard to think that great sound can come from the tiny design of wireless earbuds, but some sets can truly wow you. A top-tier example of that can be heard with the Jabra Elite 85t earbuds, which are now on sale in gold beige, copper and titanium black for $179.99. All three colors are available for $50 off the listing price of $229.99. The 85t are not only our favorite set of wireless earbuds, but also one of our favorite pairs of noise-canceling headphones and one of our favorite pairs of wireless headphones. We were particularly impressed with the open-style design and oval ear tips of the 85t that provide a proper seal without plugging up your ears. Those are on top of its comprehensive controls, impressive noise cancelation and top-flight features.

Get the Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless Earbuds for $179.99 (Save $50)

3. Less than $125: This large air purifier

This Mooka air purifier earned praise for being easy to set up and its multiple functions for different situations.

The world of air purifiers is vast but also quite pricey, with many top models costing around $200 or higher. Fortunately, there’s a top-rated option that won’t break your bank as much as other models: the Mooka True HEPA+ air purifier, now on sale for $122.99. Usually listed for $199.99, you can apply a coupon on the product page to bring its discount down from $65 to $77. Though we haven’t tested this model, customers have showered it with nearly 2,000 5-star reviews praising its easy set-up process and for collecting everything from household dust to cigarette smoke to pet dander. One customer said it worked for him in his bedroom for eight hours at night and in his large living room on the weekend.

Get the Mooka True HEPA+ Air Purifier for $122.99 with coupon (Save $77)

4. 20% off: This electric razor

Customers love this Panasonic electric razor for holding a good battery charge and providing a closer shave compared to similar products.

Whether you’ve got a big bushy beard or a modest mustache, caring for your facial hair can be as rough as your five o’clock shadow. To save you a trip to the barber, there’s the Panasonic Arc4 electric razor now available for $79.50—that’s a 20% discount from its usual price of $99.99. More than 4,000 buyers gave the buzzer a 5-star rating, praising the quality of its close shave, long battery charge and easy cleaning process. One customer found that using it lead to “no more razor cuts on [his] face or razor burn” compared to other shavers.

Get the Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor for $79.50 (Save $20.49)

5. Save $20: This turquoise cookware set

Shoppers love this GreenLife cookware set for its nonstick coating and easy cleaning process.

It’s nice to have a functional cookware set for your daily meals, but wouldn’t it be better if that set had a bit of stylish flare to it? You’re in luck, because GreenLife’s ceramic nonstick cookware set is available in turquoise for just $59.99. Typically selling for $79.99, Amazon is offering the 13-piece set at 25% off. Shoppers lauded the set with praise, appreciating the nonstick material and lasting finish of the pots and pans. Buyers were also impressed with how easy the set was to clean—one admitted to leaving a pan on a burner with butter remnants on it for two hours but made it “good as new” after soaking it overnight.

Get the GreenLife Turquoise Ceramic Nonstick 13-Piece Cookware Set for $59.99 (Save $20)

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