Rockland sees surge in new home construction

Rockland sees surge in new home construction

New home are rising throughout Rockland at an astounding pace.

Permits have been issued for construction of 13 single-family homes in Rockland since Jan. 1.

“People are building on every scrap of land,” Rockland Code Enforcement Officer Adam Ackor said.

Four of the new homes are being built in the South End — east of Main Street between Mechanic and Water streets.

The South End has been the hottest residential neighborhood in Rockland over the past several years with sale prices in this area increasing more than any other section of the city. Those higher sale prices led to the dramatic valuation increases last year in the South End and higher property taxes.

One of the four new houses in the South End is the first unattached accessory dwelling approved by the city since the ordinance was approved in March by the City Council. The change was done to increase housing in Rockland. The accessory dwelling is located on South Street.

Outside of the South End, three other permits issued for new homes in 2021 are in the Habitat for Humanity’s development on Philbrick Avenue. Two others are located on Riverview Drive, and one each on Gay Street, Tea Street, Old County Road, and Fourth Street.

Renovations of existing homes are also continuing at a fast pace but similar to the past several years.

Building supply sales in the region have been setting records since the pandemic started 16 months ago. During the first four months of 2021, building supply stores in the Rockland market have totaled $34 million. The Rockland market includes all of Knox County except Camden, Rockport, Appleton, and Hope.

Rockland sees surge in new home construction

One of the homes being built in the South End is located at the intersection of South and Atlantic Street. Stephen Betts

A new home is being built on Marine Street. Stephen Betts

Another South End home in Rockland is being built on Crescent Street. Stephen Betts

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