Orior’s new bronze furniture collection ‘pushes the boundaries of design’

Orior’s new bronze furniture collection ‘pushes the boundaries of design’

Orior’s Hex credenza features a geometric inlaid wood pattern with hammered bronze hardware.

NEW YORK – Irish furniture manufacturer Orior has unveiled a furniture collection handcrafted from wood and bronze. The new line is available online and at the company’s new SoHo location.

Describing itself as fascinated by bronze, Orior experimented with three different application techniques and various finishes across a few key pieces for the collection. The Hex Credenza features a geometric inlaid wood pattern inspired by Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway, with hammered bronze hardware and spherical polished bronze feet that balance the boxy structure. A leather interior pushes the envelope on this piece, adding a contrasting softness to the oak casing.

Orior’s new bronze furniture collection ‘pushes the boundaries of design’

A new table from Orior

The Onze Table features a U-shaped base in cast bronze, modeled after the silhouette of Orior’s Artic Credenza. While the inner surface is smooth and polished, the outside is rough and imperfect, highlighting the wide range of textures that can be achieved with just one material.

Orior's Corca table

Orior’s Corca table

The Corca Table explores another application of bronze, with a solid megalithic base that resembles Ireland’s most famous ancient stone circle in Cork. Slight imperfections across the polished surface add texture and emphasize the natural state of the material. A circular Irish crystal slab tops the corkscrew-esque base, creating depth and luminosity.

Orior's Brea table

Orior’s Brea table is 1980s-inspired.

Rounding out the collection is the Brea Side Table, a playful nod to ’80s-era bedside tables with velvet corduroy drawers. The piece is small and curvaceous, with a fluid shape inspired by the iconic waterbed hailing from the same era. With contrasting pops of color and a playful aura, it was intended as a metaphorical breath of fresh air.

“With each new piece we create, we try to push the boundaries of design and materiality while also staying true to the Orior aesthetic,” said designer Ciaran McGuigan. “These pieces are entirely unique and stand alone from our existing collection, but they also feel very familiar at the same time. That is partly because we are often inspired by our previous work and the world around us, but also, we’re using materials that are quintessential to the Orior brand, just in new and different ways.”

All Orior furniture is handmade in its Ireland factories by craftspeople, many of whom have worked with the company since its beginning in 1979.

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Orior’s new bronze furniture collection ‘pushes the boundaries of design’

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