Old Louisville Victorian home sports eclectic collections, furniture

When Sherry and Harry Jacobson-Beyer moved into their Old Louisville home in 1976, the third floor of the 1903 Victorian was an empty shell.

“The (former owner’s) son was (living) on the third floor,” Harry said. “He had a household extension cord running from the second floor to the third floor, with a probably 200-amp stereo set — and an unvented space heater and a red light.”

Before moving in, the Jacobson-Beyers completed some of the basic renovation work themselves, enlisting an electrician, a plumber and others to help get their home into a more comfortable and livable state. Now 40-plus years later, the home is filled with an eclectic collection of furniture and accessories that reflect their unique personality. 

Remodeled right

“The first thing that was done was the plumbing,” Harry said, “and then we put in our washer (and) dryer … (Sherry) was a teacher at the Brown School … She hired some of the seniors, and they came, and they carted tons of plaster out of the house so that they could then put up walls.”

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