Top 10 Must-Read Health Websites For Men

Top 10 Must-Read Health Websites For Men

Top 10 Must-Read Health Websites For Men

Are you facing health problems and worries because you don’t have proper knowledge about health and fitness?

Do you want to stay healthy, muscular and graceful?

Sure, you do. But to accomplish this goal, first thing you need is plenty of information, experts advice and special reports on the topics of health and fitness. This will help you in understanding how your metabolism works, how to diagnose and fight with diseases and remains healthy.

You can get this information by buying e-books, subscribing to any health magazine or by consulting with your doctor. But an easy way to do this is by visiting quality and trusted health websites.

I have prepared a list of top 10 must-read health websites for men. Visiting them will increase your knowledge and will help you in keeping yourself healthy. Visit ’em, explore ’em, get knowledge and stay healthy.

Below are ten best men health websites:

  1. CDC Men’s Health

Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website is a U.S. government website on health. It has hundreds of useful articles covering men’s diseases, disease control, healthy living, wellness, sexual health & health researches by expert doctors and professionals.

  1. NetDoctor

NetDoctor is one of the best UK health website. The website is owned by Hearst Magazines UK. NetDoctor is a top health website as it features more than 250 professional doctors who try to answer readers questions and provide practical tips and advice.

Website has plenty of quality articles, health reports and research paper which help readers in understanding and improving their knowledge about health and nutrition.

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Health services like private treatment, consultation with pro doctor and health service guides are also available for consumers.

  1. Everyday Health

Everyday Health is one of the leading men’s health websites where experts publishes in-depth articles on men’s diseases, health problems and their solutions.

The website is one of the most-visited website in the world as it is ranked 1281 on Alexa. According to the sources, it attracts more than 10M monthly visitors and have 30+ million registered consumers.

  1. Discovery Health

Discovery Health is a must-read and worth-visiting website as it contains a great deal of practical health advice and articles. This website is property of Discovery Communications, LLC.

  1. Bodybuilding

Though Bodybuilding website is not dedicated to men’s health but still it covers lots of health-related categories like nutrition, exercises and workouts. The website is basically about bodybuilding. It publishes useful articles covering basics and advanced techniques and tips on how to build muscles and keep good health.

It was featured in Inc 500 and has won Bizrate’s 2013 Platinum Circle of Excellence award.

The website is best-suited for people who want to build muscle and remains healthy, smart and physically fit.

  1. Yahoo Men’s Health

It is Australian Men’s Health website working under Yahoo!.

The main aim of website, as declared on its facebook page is to give men the tools they need to get the most out of life.

The site is frequently updated with new quality articles on fitness, sex and women, weight loss, style and autos.

  1. Men’s Fitness

Established since 1988, Men’s Fitness is a property of American Media, Inc. Experts working with them posts in-depth articles on various topics including health, nutrition, muscle-building and fashion.

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World-famous men magazine “Men’s Fitness” is also published by them which features exclusive interviews, advice and special reports.

  1. AskMen

One of my favourite website – AskMen is a world-recognized website dedicated to men’s living, health and fashion. It is a perfect and all-in-one website which helps in making men’s lives better.

AskMen covers all topics related to men’s living ranging from health to fashion and from grooming to finance.

  1. Men’s Health UK

Men’s Health UK is second best source of men health information. It is UK version website of Men’s Health which is operating in more than 40 countries.

This website contains all essential informations, facts sheets, special survey reports and research data collected by health experts. Just visit the website and get yourself familiar with all men’s health topics.

  1. Men’s Health

No doubt, Men’s Health is the world’s best men’s health and widely used website. It has more than 2 millions social media followers, and has 10 million monthly readers.

It is US version of Men’s Health International and is a property of Rodale Inc.  They have been publishing Men’s Health(magazine) since 1987 which is now the world’s best selling men magazine.

How was this list? Share with me your opinions so that i can improve it.

Which website is yours favorite and to which you are subscribed?

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