Trade Market Binary Options Robot

Trade Market Binary Options Robot

If you have the slightest idea about binary options trading you must have already heard about binary auto-trade and binary trading robots that the make the process of trading as easy as ever, and basically earn money for you! Honestly, I have always been suspicious about robot trading. I can barely rely on most people, but how can I entrust my money to a robot? I thought I’d never do that. But never say never! I’m so glad now I gave it a chance.

First I heard about Trade-Market Binary Trading Robot from the guys I trade with. The official description of the Green Solutions program was the following: “Trade market is designed for additional risk control of signals with higher security standards. Trade-Market Binary Options Robot automatically processes up to 200 signals from the signal provider; applying a set of the known algorithms and reviewing them with a 12-hour data feed of a particular asset. In case 50% of the checked algorithms find the signal successful, TM lets the signal be traded. The higher goes the percentage, the bigger the trade size is.

It all looked quite appealing to me, but too good to be true, right? Being in two minds and pretty skeptical, I still chose to go for it. The reason I actually gave it a chance was the trial at Trade Market. I don’t usually trust the services if they don’t provide a free trial of some kind. Trade Market gives you 500$ to try your hand in trading for 3 days and check it out. You can get the profit you’ve made if you make a deposit.

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The first thing I noticed was their interface. It’s truly remarkable, I must say. A handy dashboard, fairly minimalistic, but yet it has whatever you need. It’s great that with Trade Market Robot you are the person to set the stop loss. Stop loss is a particular limit, and if your trades exceed the limit they won’t bring you any profit or losses and the trades with the trade size within the limit will be traded in your account.

They promised to provide 85% success rate, and really kept the promise! The results lived up to my expectations – I easily picked up my demo to 500$.

It was obviously impressing and I started weighing everything up and asked for my fellow traders’ advice. These guys recommended me Trade Market and were pleased with the service, so I finally chose to invest some money. I made a deposit of $5000 and started following my account. In a few weeks I found out that taking the bonus is a really good idea, because then you’ll have a bigger stop loss.

I like to clarify a few things. It’s up to you whether to take that bonus at Trade Market Binary Options Robot or not. You can see this option on your personal account page (you get one bonus for one deposit). In case you take it, you can only withdraw money when you’ve turned it over 30 times. But even if you’ve done so, bear in mind that withdrawal is available only after 4 months have passed since the first trade.

I prefer writing in-depth reviews, so I waited for the actual outcome before fully reviewing Trade-Market Binary Options Robot. We all know that the most troublesome thing with any binary options service is withdrawal. It took me 4 months to withdraw money from Trade Market Binary Options Robot system. It was pretty easy though. I expected the money to arrive in 7 days, but they did in just 4! No wonder I made up my mind to continue using Trade Market and I think you should at least give it a try yourself.

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Trade Market Binary Options Robot. Ready? Set? Go!

All you need is a couple of minutes to make 3 simple steps and get started with Automated Binary Natural Family. Here they are:

  1. Create your own free account at Automated Binary Option Robot and choose your preferred broker
  2. Set your stop loss limit
  3. Make a deposit and begin the automated trading. The investment of 500$ (min 250$) is highly recommended, because that way you can take broker bonuses up to 200% and greatly increase your chances of huge profits.

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