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What makes a purchase “worth it”? The answer is different for everybody, so we’re asking some of the coolest, most shopping-savvy people we know—from small-business owners to designers, artists, and actorsto tell us the story behind one of their most prized possessions.


Lizzy sitting on one of the Bertoia chairs she purchased to accompany the coffee table.

Lizzy Hadfield, the mind behind “Shot From the Street,” is a British influencer and author working across various platforms, from video content to podcasting. She’s also worth following on Spotify for her playlist curation and has an effortlessly polished and casual personal style, as seen in all the dreamy photos that she posts on her Instagram. Lizzy’s naturally minimalist personal style can be reflected in her decor choices, but she still claims to ultimately be a bit of a messy person and a lover of “stuff,” which brings a perfect level of lived-in personality and warmth to her space. 

When asked from where she draws most of her inspiration for the home, Lizzy mentions her uncle Luigi. “[He] is an architect, and his home in Italy provides huge inspiration to me,” she explains. “He has always bought beautiful design pieces of furniture which look amazing in any space because they are an amazing standalone piece too. I think, if you shop with that in mind, you end up with a collection of items that become coherent without adhering to any trend that could become dated.”


The Paolo Piva table was Lizzy’s first expensive furniture purchase. She kept looking for alternatives and thought about it for months, but could not get the minimalist geometric table out of her head. Though the table sparked her interest in furniture, she jokes that her bank account has resented it ever since.

The Paolo Piva table in her current space.


Lizzy first saw a photo of the Paolo Piva table on Pinterest, then proceeded to spend the next three months hunting it down. (She was so committed that she even lived without a coffee table during that time.) “It was my first time living alone, and in London, and my best friend and I used to always have ‘floor picnics’ and just have a takeaway sat on the floor! It’s such a fond memory now,” Lizzy reminisces. She ultimately found the table on Pamono by Chairish, and it still sits in her living room today after multiple moves. The table’s first home with Lizzy was her third-floor walk-up apartment in London “It was a bit tense getting the huge (and heavy) piece of glass up the stairs! But it all made it in one piece,” she adds.

Coffee table books, candles, flowers, and other decor pieces have changed over the years, from home to home, but the table is here to stay.


Lizzy has had the table since 2017 and can’t ever imagine growing tired of it.​​ “I have lived in four different houses with it now—the first two were a very similar style of home, but the latter two [were] very different—and [the table] has complemented every space,” she says. Lizzy has never regretted getting the piece, and this purchase actually ignited a habit of justifying splurging on other interiors. After the Paolo Piva, she bought two Bertoia chairs to accompany the table. “The table became the center of my living room, and I have made other purchases based on that,” Lizzy explains. “It’s become a beautiful starting point.”


After living in many different homes over the last few years, Lizzy has learned to be intentional about her purchases, so that they fit in her next home. The minimalist style of the Paolo Piva table in particular is something that seamlessly grows and blends in with each new space. “The coffee table books that sit upon [the table that] have changed, and sometimes it’s dustier than other times, but other than that, it’s been a really consistent piece in my home, and many lovely memories have been made around it,” Lizzy concludes.

Minimalist Alanda Coffee Table by Paolo Piva for B & B Italia, Italy, 1980

Mid Century Modern Geometric Inverted Pyramidal Chrome Base Glass Top Cocktail Side Table

Alanda Steel and Glass Coffee Table by Paolo Piva for B&B Italia