Live Furnish Saves Home Furnishing and Textile Companies up to 70% on Product Prototyping and Imagery Costs

Live Furnish Saves Home Furnishing and Textile Companies up to 70% on Product Prototyping and Imagery Costs

Live Furnish Saves Home Furnishing and Textile Companies up to 70% on Product Prototyping and Imagery Costs

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about 3D visualization in the home furnishings industry.

As much talk as there is about augmented reality and its future importance, taking a different approach to how 3D content should be used in your brand visualization can give you a serious market advantage.

Thinking differently, Live Furnish did just that and developed tools and tactics which allow the home furnishings and textile industries to reimagine product presentation. Our program offers a quick and easy way to create a large number of beautiful, high-resolution images and room scenes which can be shared with retail and design partners. With increased demands for social media, e-commerce, sales, marketing and website imagery needs, Live Furnish is a dynamic resource ready to partner with you and elevate your visual voice.

Traditionally, when home furnishings manufacturers begin designing new products — whether it’s textiles, mattresses, furniture, or anything else — they start with a CAD design that then goes into physical prototyping. Usually, four or five prototypes are created, and one is chosen as the winner.

Once it goes to market, it’s then sent to a photo studio where the manual process to shoot and produce imagery begins — all steeped in employee costs, overhead expenses, shipping expenses and software and hardware upgrades.  On average, this process takes about five to seven weeks to produce, with prices per shot ranging for $130 per silhouetted image to lifestyle images in room scenes between $900 to $2000 each.

That’s where Live Furnish comes in — we simplify image production completely. Each high-res lifestyle or silo image produced on our platform costs $25, and for 3D modeling services, the cost of creation ranges from $100 to $130 per item.

First, we collect your CAD files, 3D data, and product photography along with finishes. From that information our 3D artists create a model of your product. Then that model is uploaded into the Live Furnish platform where you can insert it into pre-set or custom-made 3D environments. You can create and customize literally every aspect — from the furniture color to the fabric type to the room scene. Once you’re done, you’ll save it to the Live Furnish cloud and get high-quality images and room scenes.

Live Furnish

We also offer volume discounts for companies that have large 3D modeling requests.  Each customer receives an onboarding program, scheduled training, online support, and continued customer success calls to answer any questions.

If we look at the furniture lifecycle today, it takes an average of 18-20 weeks to go from prototype to finished product. The average cost of a prototype is $3,000-$4,500. With Live Furnish, you can go from CAD to digital prototype in 90 seconds, then get all your digital image creation done in a matter of a few days. This helps people save 70% on the cost of prototyping and photo, which means you go to market much faster, not to mention having the ability to start selling before producing.

In a case study of one of our clients, they reduced physical samples by 42% after starting with Live Furnish. Physical prototypes were reduced by 21%.  The sales cycle was shortened allowing them to get to market 22% faster than before.

And for retailers trying to go the omnichannel route, you’ll need manufacturers to create 3D content for you to use on your website, with in-store kiosks, and potentially with 3D room design technology. That makes the ability to share and reuse content extremely important. That’s why we’ve created a sharing platform on top of our main technology. If a manufacturer has already produced a 3D model, the retailer simply gets a secure access defined by the manufacturer.  Our secure 3D sharing program offers this solution.

Preet Singh, Founder of Live Furnish added, “And we’re not stopping there. We’ll continue to make improvements to the platform because we believe the industry needs high-quality, easy-to-produce and cost-saving ways to produce 3D content. Live Furnish can do all of that for you in less than half the time of any other company out there.”

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