Light Takes Center Stage in Munich Stylist Marvin Unger’s Home

Light Takes Center Stage in Munich Stylist Marvin Unger’s Home

You’ve told us you’re a perfectionist—how did you go about the interior?

I was constantly coming up with new ideas during the preparations. Stephan is much more intuitive than me in that regard and was definitely a bit put off by me doing something too conceptual because concept can quickly become uncomfortable. But I needed this plan at that time to get a feeling for a space that didn’t exist yet—it was all a building site. In the end, we don’t have that much furniture today because a lot is hidden in the fixtures. We took some pieces with us from our first apartment, which I thought for a while might just be placeholders, especially older IKEA furniture. Now I think they fit in here just fine. For me, perfectionism doesn’t mean that everything has to be expensive—nor that you simply replace old things with expensive designer pieces.

Is there a piece of furniture that is particularly close to your heart?

I bought the yellow Bold chair by Big Game for Moustache once before, but my partner thought it was awful. So it had to go. The other day I saw a photo of it and asked if it could move in here. Stephan then suggested the following: You write on the note how much you want the chair; I’ll write down how awful I think it is. Mine had a 7 on it, his had a 4. So I ordered the chair. That’s grownup shit!

The large photograph in the bedroom is the work of Maximilian Schachtner, a graphic designer friend of the couple. Marvin’s partner, Stephan, works from home, hence the desk niche.

Conny Mirbach

Marvin, we’ll close with three quick questions: city or country?

The greatest would be both. Who knows what will be in 10 years? But I could never leave the city completely behind.

Should you move again: new building or old building?

Both again! My favorite would be a house with history and patina—and a new addition to it. My dream would be to remodel and expand something old.

Form or function?

“Form follows function” makes sense design-wise. However, I realize that my favorite objects in the home are completely devoid of function. Over there is a carafe in the shape of a rock, and next to it is a white porcelain rhinoceros. For me it’s the chocolate in the interior—too much of it is unhealthy, but I still don’t want to skip it.

Says Marvin, “The bed on the slatted frame has a bit of youthful pragmatism. In addition, our dog used to sleep next to the bed. I find the bed pleasantly uncomplicated—but who knows what will happen here in the next two years?” The bed linen is from Muji and the small bedside lamp on the Hem table is vintage.

Conny Mirbach

Production: Isa Lim

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