Hiring a sexual assault injury lawyer: Check these pointers

Victims of sexual assault often don’t recover from the psychological trauma of the incident. Just the sheer fact that someone could act unexpectedly evil is frightening. Seeing the perpetrator get a sentence may offer closure, but victims and families continue to deal with the losses. If the victim sustained serious injuries, they could also file an injury lawsuit besides a criminal case. Georgia is a fault state, so if there is proof that the other party caused harm because of intention or negligence, winning a settlement doesn’t have to be hard. 

Of course, you need to have a reliable attorney by your side. Top names like Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys have worked with sexual assault victims for years, and their expertise is handy. Below are some quick pointers for finding an attorney. 

  • Ask about their work profile. Does the attorney work on sexual assault civil lawsuits regularly? Do they have the experience of representing clients in court? Most tort claims are settled outside of court, but if your matter ends up in trial, the courtroom confidence of your attorney will matter over everything else. 
  • Ask about your claim’s worth. Personal injury cases don’t have the same burden of proof as criminal cases. You need to prove that the other party caused you intentional harm, and in cases of sexual assault, that’s often not hard. When meeting an attorney for the first time, ask about the worth of your claim and what you can expect in a settlement. 
  • Discuss the costs. Some costs must be incurred to pursue the injury claim, and it is wise to discuss all details with your attorney. As for the lawyer’s fee, you don’t have to pay anything right away, but if the lawyer wins, they will charge a part of the settlement. This is known as the contingency fee, which varies between 20% and 40%. 
  • Check reviews. If you want to compare attorneys in Atlanta, check online reviews. You can always ask for references, but clients like to retain their privacy when it comes to matters like sexual assault. When an attorney claims to be the best in business, they will have enough testimonials and reviews. 

There is no one way of dealing with a sexual assault, but getting compensation for your losses can help you tide through the turbulent times. You have limited time to file a lawsuit against the other party, so make sure to contact an attorney at the earliest.

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