Find your family home in east Montgomery’s Arrowhead

At least two homes are for sale in Arrowhead where a neighborhood country club, spacious designs and large yards have been drawing homebuyers for decades. 

In all, at least 10 other Arrowhead listings already have attracted buyers and are expected to close in the next month, Realtor Martha Givens said.  

In addition, 14 homes in Arrowhead have been sold in the past six months showing Arrowhead is an active market, she added. The brisk pace of sales in the larger neighborhood off Atlanta Highway continues a trend in the River Region.   

A drive through Arrowhead on one of its long, straight streets will reveal a community atmosphere. Families create memories in the many backyard swimming pools, walking on sidewalks, and playing under the mature trees perfectly suited for the tree house or fort.   

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