Top 10 Strange Facts About Human Brain

Top 10 Strange Facts About Human Brain

Human brain is the most powerful organ in our body. It controls every operation and action that we perform either consciously or unconsciously. It is like CPU of our body that has capacity to shut the entire body down when it is defective.

In this top 10 list, we are going to see some of the strange facts about human brain. How it works, what it consumes and how powerful it is.

So let’s start our top 10 list of strange facts of human brain.

Fact-10:   Scientists believe that your brain treats rejection like a physical pain. When you are rejected by someone, it feels physical pain like getting hit by some hard object. That’s why rejections makes, not only your brain but you too, suffer a lot.

Fact-9:   Your brain is one the fattest part of your body. Almost 60% of brain consist of fats prepared by digesting fatty acids produced in various other parts of body.

Fact-8:   The brain of kid can pick up and learn things more quickly if you read them loud and hear them than just watching it on screen because this action generates vibrations that stimulates your brain and form new memory connections.

Fact-7:   Your brain can be damaged and stop performing completely if you don’t provide it enough oxygen for just 10 minutes. Oxygen is extremely necessary for proper working of human brain.

Fact-6:   Humans have the largest brain in terms of the ratio of brain mass to body. In all other creatures, this ratio is lower than that of human beings. Elephants are considered the heaviest and largest animal on the face of earth but their brain to body ratio is just 0.15% whereas human have 2% brain to body mass ratio.

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Fact-5:   It was considered a myth that dancing can enhance human cognitive skills and thus improve the functioning of brain. But latest studies and researches have proved that dancing does help in increasing one’s intelligence. When you dance, the inflow of blood and oxygen to brain increases which in turn makes your brain function properly and expand your brain.

Fact-4:   An average human brain weighs around 1.5 kilograms. It constitutes just 2 percent of human body cells but consumes more than 20 percent of total body energy.

Fact-3:   Although your brain can live without oxygen for 10 minutes but more essential to brain is the blood flowing. If it loses the flow of blood in its vessels just for 8-10 seconds, it can black out and lose its consciousness.

Fact-2:   Your brain consumes 20% of body energy that is 20% of the oxygen you inhales while breathing, and 20% of the blood flowing in your body.

Fact-1:   A common myth among people is that humans use only 10% of their brain but it is not scientifically proved yet. Until now, the data and experiments of scientists and researchers have proved that we use all parts of our brain not just 10%. We use all of our brain all of the time; even when we are sleeping our brain is still functioning and doing various activities subconsciously.

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