Experts reveal that almost half of people are forgetting to clean their mattress

We spend a lot of time on our mattresses over the years. But 40% of people in the UK say that they didn’t know that they need to clean their mattress regularly. 

Most of us have accepted that washing our bedsheets every week or two is just something you have to do. Yet when it comes to our mattresses, somewhere along the line we’ve decided that’s just a step too far.

They’re one of the most important items of the home for our health and wellbeing, yet many people cover it with the best mattress topper within their budget and forget about it.

bed with grey bedding and a white shiplap wall

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Bed specialist Time4Sleep recently ran a survey on the subject. It revealed that not only are 40% of Brits are unaware that they need to clean their mattresses regularly, but an alarming 22% admitted they have never attempted to clean it. 

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