Essential Tips Before Child Custody Hearing

Essential Tips Before Child Custody Hearing

Attending a child custody hearing can be pretty challenging since the court decides on whether or not you get custody of your child. While fighting a legal battle as sensitive as child custody, emotions often get out of hand in the courtroom. A child custody battle will seem like a never-ending tug of war between you and your ex-spouse or partner.

A good Gig Harbor Child Support Attorney can help you get through this rough patch. Here are a few pointers to know before the hearing ensues:

Child custody laws:

First and foremost, be aware of the child custody laws prevailing in the state where the hearing will occur. Since the rules may vary from state to state, knowing the child custody laws can be helpful. Read and be aware of all the ins and outs of the previous hearings to help get a better idea.

Mannerisms in the courtroom:

The judge will look at your case and see how you present yourself in the courtroom. A time like a child custody hearing could be challenging emotionally and mentally, but keeping your calm and composure is what at times could be the deciding factor. Your first impression includes everything from your clothing to your etiquette in the courtroom.


When the court matters are in question, irrespective of the nature of the case, time is of the essence. You need to ensure that everything is on time, from filing the proper documents before the deadline to being on time in court, especially in the case involving a child’s custody. Apart from the legal aspect, the temporary terms regarding the child also need to be kept in mind. Picking up and dropping off the child to and from locations also is considered.

Create a safe and healthy environment:

A safe and hygienic physical environment for the child and you is essential as it can be used as a valid point in the legal hearing. Be a parent your child needs, as the custody battle could develop feelings of nervousness and anxiety in your child. If the divorce hasn’t been finalized, try avoiding introducing new partners to the child and give them your full undivided attention and affection.

Do not criticize:

Often, the atmosphere in the court would be tense, and emotions would run high, leading to sudden decisions, like bad-mouthing your partner. This behavior would create a hostile and immature depiction of one’s character. It is vital to avoid this kind of behavior.