5 Places Entrepreneurs Should Consider for Setting Up a Business

5 Places Entrepreneurs Should Consider for Setting Up a Business

If you are a promising entrepreneur, it is easy to think London should be the place to be or to lease a commercial property to rent, and there is a lot of data to support it. Stirling Ackroyd said that they based a fifth of British technology companies in London. However, London has a unique subject and owns the country’s largest consumers, but elsewhere; small businesses may feel that they pave the streets with so much gold.

Here are five places that attract business owners and investors.


It commits Cardiff from gaining new government support (including commercial fee exemptions) in the Central Business District, which focuses on financial technology, Cybersecurity, life sciences, and creativity. Many businesses have also enjoyed various forms of close support, investment and field research from FinTech and legal tech. The combination of Wales’ unique work-life balance, growth opportunities, and a healthy business environment makes it a perfect place to hire a commercial property to rent and to start a business journey.


According to ONS statistics, the UK’s second largest city surpassed its first point of economic growth last year, but the entrepreneurial network of the UK start-up is the most entrepreneurial city outside of London. According to the company’s analysis, they registered 17,473 new businesses in Birmingham in 2016. This is 25% more than last year and more than any other city except the capital.


According to a recent Tech Nation report, Bournemouth has the highest percentage of high-growth companies in the country. The region’s technology industry has 15,763 employees and contributes £352 million to the regional economy. Bournemouth is often imperceptible, but it is perfect for relaxing in creative and entertaining places with little turbulence.

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Liverpool has an average of 194 startups a year, and its emerging markets are booming. Many people who start a business test the quality of life, the cost of living and the technological potential.

Sentric Music, headed by Chris Meehan, is a BGF-funded company that chose Liverpool to start a business because he studied at Lipa (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts), but he also said that Liverpool had other advantages. They have access to funding, and they have many talents. As a startup, Liverpool seems to be acceptable, at a reasonable and adequate price, compared to London which is the opposite being expensive for companies that use all the seed money to rent.


According to the first report of the Technology North Investment Index, Northern Technology Corporation’s overall investment has skyrocketed, with Manchester accounting for 48% of total expenditures. Manchester has great things. There is an ecosystem of SMEs such as Boohoo.com, Autotrader and other smaller businesses.

It also has an extensive collaborative workspace and has support from several prominent universities. A lower cost of living than London is usually synonymous with talent.

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