DIYer turns garden into stunning picnic haven with Poundland and Ikea bargains

DIYer turns garden into stunning picnic haven with Poundland and Ikea bargains

Angelika Garlej wanted to spruce up her backyard so she has somewhere to sit and relax in the summer. We show how her garden looked before and after the makeover

DIYer turns garden into stunning picnic haven with Poundland and Ikea bargains
Angelika Garlej details her garden makeover

A DIY fan has explained how she totally transformed her boring backyard into a stunning picnic area thanks to picking up bargains from Poundland and Ikea.

Angelika Garlej, a 26-year-old sales assistant and YouTuber from Torquay, says her old garden was “quite large” but covered in lawn – and not somewhere she could sit and relax on a sunny day.

The space had some “random chairs, old paints, weights and odd flowerpots with dead flowers in” to begin with, so the bargain hunter got to work buying fresh supplies to spruce it up.

Angelika says she purchased her table and chairs for £35 from Ikea, and she spent £15 on solar lighting from eBay.

The rest of her purchases then came from Poundland, including wall baskets, her trellis and new plants, which ranged between £1 and £3 each.

The space was boring and lifeless before


Angelika during the backyard project


Angelika also picked up a lot of vases, pots and lanterns from charity shops and car boot sales – saving her money compared to buying these items brand new.

Speaking to, she said: “I wanted to make one area where I can enjoy sunny days or eat my lunch.

“A place where I can sit down, read a book or invite a few friends for a BBQ. This outside corner was just a perfect place for it.

“Plus it really needed some cleaning and decluttering.”

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The garden corner now looks cute and modern


Lighting and a table and chairs completes the look


Angelika, who posts videos on her YouTube page Simply By A, says Pinterest was her biggest source of inspiration when it came to designing her garden.

She says she was “mainly focused on making it nice and cozy on a low budget” and wanted the space to be minimalistic.

Angelika was also lucky to already have power tools at home, as she is renovating her house, which helped save money on her garden DIY project.

Angelika is thrilled with her garden now


She said: “I got started with removing all the rubbish and clutter from this space. Using a borrowed pressure washer I cleaned all the walls and the floor.

“Next, even though this house was painted last year I wanted to refresh it a little bit and I gave it another coat of white paint.

“Then I drilled holes in two opposite walls where later I screwed the hooks to be able to hang my fairy lights.

“I really wanted to add some details on the plain walls so I attached the wooden trellis, wall baskets and then planted flowers to bring more colour to the whole space.

“Last but not least I started decorating, then took all the outside furniture and placed it in the spot where it fit best. I decorated all the shelves with some candles, lanterns and gardening accessories.”

Angelika says the garden floor “needs a bigger job” done to it, as it is cracked in places, but for now she has covered it up with straw mats to save on cash.

She describes the whole makeover as “really quick and without any difficulties along the way”.

Angelika added: “Of course I could invest more money to buy a better quality outdoor furniture set.

“But considering the length of the British summer and the amount of time I’ll be using this space, I think what I have now is absolutely enough for me.”

Tom Church, co-founder of, said: “I love Angelika’s simple yet effective makeover.

“It proves that sometimes all you need to transform a space is a lick of paint and some bargain decor. No doubt she will enjoy a fab summer in this brand new space.”

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