Cleaning: I used a 10p hack to remove yellow stains from my pillow – the results amazed me

Cleaning: I used a 10p hack to remove yellow stains from my pillow – the results amazed me

Pillows get dirty from make-up, dead skin, sweat, and yes, drool. Before you throw away your pillow and purchase a new one, learn how to whiten pillows, remove yellow stains, and make them look and smell like new again. If you’re anything like me, then choosing the perfect pillow for a great night’s sleep is a chore within itself. There are so many bed pillows to choose from: feather pillows, down pillows, memory foam pillows, synthetic pillows, and the list goes on. Once you find the perfect pillow, the last thing you want to do is throw it away because it’s stained.

When I came across a hack on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page on which was praised as a “holy grail” cleaning item and claimed to “instantly remove yellow stains” from pillows, I decided to give it a go.

The four corners of my pillow were engulfed by yellow staining and in some areas even appeared to be brown.

Let’s just say my pillow was in desperate need of cleaning.

After reading that dishwasher tablets effectively remove the limescale, I got to work researching the steps.

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After reading the label I put the pillow in the washing machine with just a single dishwasher tablet on a wool setting. 

For those who do not have a wool setting on their machines, they can just put it on a 40 degree wash.

The dishwasher tablets were picked up from Sainsbury’s for £3 for a pack of 30. This worked out as only 10p per tablet.

They can also be purchased from other supermarkets, however this was just the cheapest ones I found at the time.

Less than two hours later, once the wash cycle had come to an end, I took the pillow out and was utterly amazed by the results.

Not only did this hack remove all the yellow stains that once previously contaminated the pillow, but it also brightened it completely.

As this worked so well, it’s safe to say that dishwasher tablets can be used to brighten any laundry in need of whitening.

With the weather being so glorious, I decided to dry the pillow naturally outside on an airer in the sun.

As the weather was so hot, the pillow was completely dried in less then one hour.  

To restore the fluffiness back into the pillow, I decided to put it into the tumble dryer for one minute.

These dishwasher tablets have now become a staple in my cleaning cupboard and I love that it has so many uses.

It’s not long ago that I used them to clean my oven racks and it instantly removed any signs of grease and grime.

I really like versatile products as it reduces the risk of waste.

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