8 Easy Kitchen Remodels You Will Want To Try

8 Easy Kitchen Remodels You Will Want To Try

8 Easy Kitchen Remodels You Will Want To Try

A kitchen is much more than a beautiful backsplash or stunning countertops. A kitchen is a place where family can gather, share meals and have fun together. It also provides additional workspace. Modern kitchens should be functional and have color, texture and lighting that allow you to unwind and relax. These thoughtful tips will help you plan your kitchen wallpaperl to create a functional space that’s easy to use and live in.

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Plan Ahead

Delia Kenza, Delia Kenza Interiors, says that planning is the most important thing you can do for your kitchen remodel. Planning is crucial to ensure you stay within your budget and get the kitchen you desire. Take the time to plan. Each family’s kitchen is different, so take the time to determine what you need and how much money you can spend.

Create an Accessible Kitchen

Consider a ground floor kitchen with the oven, drawers and shelves at an easily accessible height. Different countertop heights and sufficient space for walkways make it possible for walkers, wheelchairs, and strollers to move around. RespectAbility, a national nonprofit organization for people with disabilities, founder Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi says that a home should be “a place where people of all abilities are welcome, respected, and included”. Remodeling is the ideal time to create an accessible kitchen, especially if you don’t have one.

Plan Kitchen Clearances

It is important to follow standard clearances when designing a kitchen. A cooktop or refrigerator should always have 15 inches of countertop. It is important to have adequate landing space near your microwave. You can create a 15-inch landing area above, beside, and below your microwave.

A Closed Kitchen Layout is an option

Are you not ready to tear down walls? Closed kitchens are gaining popularity over open-concept floorplans that have been in fashion for many years. The kitchen is ideal for cooking, eating, and even work. It can be separated from the home’s entertainment areas. A pass-through window is a great option for brightening up a space.

Consider Kitchen Countertop Height

People who cook often require more counter space, ideally between the sink and the stove, than those who do not cook as much or make simple meals. Two countertop heights make baking easier and are more helpful for kids involved in meal preparation. Form follows function if your countertop is an island. You can cook and eat on a kitchen island. Make sure there is enough space to separate the cooking area from the dining area.

Light colors are best for small kitchens

Dark colors can make a small space feel smaller and less welcoming. To visually expand a small space, use soft colors on the walls and kitchen cabinets. Pastels are making a comeback. Yellows and soothing colors lighten small spaces. You can use natural light to your advantage and forgo kitchen window treatments.

Arrange the Range

To keep your cooking oils, utensils and spices close at hand, place a shelf either beside or behind the range. To hang pots and pans that are frequently used, place S hooks at the end of the range hood. Use metals with warm tones like copper or brass for an additional pop.

Try bold kitchen colors

You can go all black for your kitchen cabinets, or add a touch of color with a pop of calm blue or soothing mint. You should not overwhelm the space by using too many colors. Mason says that while colorful kitchens are beautiful, they should not be overdone and lose the space’s subtlety. For the main color, choose a focal point like the cabinets or counters. Keep it simple and stick to one color. Then, add small accents of color to the backsplash or accessories.

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