10 tips on salvaging your property

Time is of the essence if your home has been damaged or flooded because of the remnants of Hurricane Ida. There is much to do, from salvaging your belongings to warding off potential scammers. 

Here are some consumer tips to help you recover.    

1. Move fast. The first 24 to 48 hours are critical when it comes to salvaging your home, said Ron Papa, president of NFA, a public insurance adjuster with an office in Nutley. 

“You need to dry it out right away,” Papa said.

That means opening windows, spraying anti-mold disinfectant and air drying with fans.

Determine the source of water and cut off that supply, said Howard White, executive vice president of First Onsite, a remediation property restoration company. If the water is a few inches, try to remove it and the carpet before professionals get to your home. If the water is a few feet deep, do not try to do it yourself, White said. 

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