Attending a child custody hearing can be pretty challenging since the court decides on whether or not you get custody of your child. While fighting a legal battle as sensitive as child custody, emotions often get out of hand in the courtroom. A child custody battle will seem like a […]

Victims of sexual assault often don’t recover from the psychological trauma of the incident. Just the sheer fact that someone could act unexpectedly evil is frightening. Seeing the perpetrator get a sentence may offer closure, but victims and families continue to deal with the losses. If the victim sustained serious […]

Nan Chul Shin, the founder of Nan Inc is among the most powerful and remarkable personalities in this competitive domain. He began alone in 1990 and today, his company’s overall portfolio is about $450 million and they have more than 700 professionals working in the company.  Fast forward after 30 […]

Radon is a colourless, odourless gas found in various parts of the United States. Although it is found naturally and will scatter on its own outside, this radioactive material is extremely harmful to human health when confined within. Long-term inhalation has been associated with a higher risk of lung cancer, […]

Dealing with a domestic violence charge can be pretty tough on you and your reputation as it may lead to multiple obligations in your everyday vitality. Whether the charges against you are fake or legit, the horrendous effects that it follows will be the same.  However, a reputed Rochester criminal […]

Another new house has changed hands for big bucks on the North End of Palm Beach, this one a lakefront property that just sold for $30.72 million at 1404 N. Lake Way. It’s the third never-lived-in waterfront home to sell since the end of August for more than $29 million.  The price was reported Monday in the Palm Beach […]